Ohio Worker Freedom Report

Our redesigned monthly worker freedom report gives Ohioans more relevant information regarding how our economy is doing.  Most notably, we have added the job growth that took place by year under each governor’s term since 1991.  During, Governor John Kasich’s term, Ohio has added 165,100 private sector jobs.  As you can see from the graph below, job growth has slowed substantially since 2011.

In addition to the information we publish in the graphs below, we also track other metrics, specifically how Ohio’s job growth ranks against other states across various time periods.  Since January 2013, Ohio has experienced the 49th best (or 3rd worst) job growth in the country, growing only 0.5 percent adding 22,900 private sector jobs.  Since January 2012, Ohio has not fared much better, ranking 45th worst among the states for private sector job growth.

Over the last 23 years, right-to-work states have grown at a much greater rate than forced unionization states.  The average worker freedom state grew 43.3 percent, while the average forced unionization state grew only 16.7 percent.  Ohio’s economy only grew a mere 8 percent during this time.

It is time for our leaders to quit playing politics and actually pursue policies that will help get our once great state back on track.

To download the report below, click here:  Ohio Worker Freedom Report